9 Points for making Money from your paintings.

We people know that we need to get foodstuff for survival. As well as one room is essential for sleep. Only one thing can help us to manage this practice and that is money. Now the question is how can one ordinary Artist earns money by his/her Artwork?
From our ancient time we have experienced with some collective knowledge that the man who has maximum capabilities earns maximum money in this world. There are lots of skilled people into this world for example scientist, doctor, engineer, broker, professor, teacher, Actor/actress, entertainer and finally Artist. They earn money through their own profession. I would also mention there are millions and billions people involved in a similar profession in this world. Some of them are really famous due to their extraordinary talent. Few of them are average and rests are struggling every day to reach their goal. For your information I am one of them and an Artist. I passed out from Indian Art College on 1990.
From my childhood days I have loved to create my works by emotion. Till today I never think about the money and that is why my all Artworks cover my own style and those are deferent from others. Few years later I am unable to avoid the reality and that is why I should agree all happenings in our real life. In conclusion I choose the subject for my paintings based on this truth.

However the scenario becomes harsh gradually due to this realism. I start to sell my paintings to the art lovers/collectors. But it is really difficult unless you are famous or else you have any reasonable identity in this Art market. So I realize, I need to explore my artwork globally and decided to make a virtual gallery through a blog or website. I developed a website http://www.sudipdatta.com on 2011 and provided one virtual gallery for the Art lover and Art collectors. My two friends helped me tremendously into each part of this development. Finally I achieved to my first requirement.
Nowadays we have billions of possibilities which may help us to enhance values of our core skilled capacity. For an example I create paintings for sale, but I have taken few opportunities to explore my artwork through my website globally. I have added few of my ideas that really help me to make money through my paintings. I would share few points here. These points covered include how to organize and present your art; hopefully it will help you to make revenue from your Artwork.

1. Improve your website (Significant contents, smart look & feel, statement, announcements, emails, social network posts, etc.)
2. Press Release
3. Write about your art on the Blog
4. Improve your online profile
5. Expose for your art
6. Make contact with galleries and other venues for possible shows or representation
7. Present your art to dealers, galleries, collectors.
8. Pricing your art (based on audience).
9. Contract review and/or negotiation.


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